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Management Accounts & Budgets
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Product: Cutol 7

Purpose: Generate Management Accounts and Budgets

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Cutol 7 facilitates in the easy production of Management Accounts by importing a trial balance from a csv or text file to produce Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trend reports. Reporting what GL codes go where is fully customisable via the many automated routines. Your inital requirements will be set up by us as part of the installation procedure but as your business evolves changes can easily be made.

Cutol 7 comes with a complete budgeting package which will be initally tailored to your needs, and if requested, based on your existing budget model. The budgets can optionaly be exported for line managers to complete and are fully customisable. The budget data will then be automatically presented in your management accounts. The system can be set to automatically base a future budget on historical data.

Cutol 7 has been designed to evolve with your dealership. As new vehicles come to production and changes to bonus structures, or changes to the way you need to report expenses, the routines provided in the software walk you through these changes. The budget system will inherit any changes made to the management accounts, keeping everything in sync at all times.

Cutol 7 has a number of additional functionalities for businesses with more than a single dealership. When doing updates to your management accounts layout, the system will automatically amend the cost centre code accordingly which means you can update all your sites in a single routine. Additionally the system can provide consolidated accounts as well as side by side reporting.