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Product: Cutol DOC

Purpose: Daily Operating Control

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Cutol DOC enables you to publish a Daily Operating Control each month based on your current management account layout with a single click. You can assign users to only view certain departments or let everyone see everything. Managers can then track their progress throughout the month and over-ride any forecasts manually if they choose. Once the month end has passed the DOC then turns into an up-to-date set of FLASH accounts until the management accounts are published.

Cutol DOC enables you to drilldown into the nominal ledger transactions for any line in your DOC. Knowing what is in each line enables your managers to track expenses or analyse sales. This results in a greater understanding of what is posted where and further educates staff.

Cutol DOC can be customised based on a eight different calculated criteria. For example, Working Days when it comes to Aftersales departments or Annual Trends when it comes to Expenses. In the Vehicle Sales departments you can enter manually how many units each model is being forecast and the system will calculate Turnover, Gross Profits and Sundry Sales based on rolling twelve month data. Minimal input from managers is required as the data will refresh automatically each morning.